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Folktel is a premium platform that helps you learn and create all types of Indian art.

We are a hybrid platform where Creators, artisans and enthusiasts get to connect and grow together. Long gone are the days where you had to run from pillar to pole just to find a good teacher.

At folktel, we help you make your learning journey as beautiful as the art form itself.

  • Learn- Become a permanent user ok our podium and learn and explore new skills, polish them hard and on icing on cake you can learn them in your native language and grow together.
  • Create- "Creation attracts Innovation".We at folktel are providing a podium to showcase your skills and talent and you can also get the global access to sell your skills , arts and culture.
  • Connect- with new people globally, exchange notes and you can also commerzialize with your skills, cultures,art and crafts. We can help and support each other and grow together.
  • Grow- We at folktel also spread our hands towards you to grow yourself and your network professionally and personally

Why are We Different

We are different because we are the only one startup which will provide you multiple access and opportunities.


We will provide you money and fame. In our startup, you can learn new skills and implement them


We will provide you with full support and networking. On this platform, you can explore multiple things, connect with professional people, and grow together.


You can showcase your talent and we will really appreciate and admire it.

Why Us

The platform is built on block-chain technology, which is currently one of the most secure and transparent technologies available.


Available in regional languages and global languages.


A singular platform to communicate, showcase skillsets, and commercialize them in a fully secure system.


Equipped with cutting-edge software technologies, such as a real-time language translator, to allow a person to connect globally with people who speak different languages.

Check our Features

Folktel was designed with both artists and users in mind. Artists will love the opportunity to learn more about their work, get tips for improving their skills or even get feedback from other artists on how they can improve their work

What is folktel ?

Folktel is a hybrid social trading platform based on arts, crafts, culture and entertainment where every fan can register, learn, connect and promote their creativity, talent and culture. It is a hybrid model platform that aims to promote arts and crafts and skill-related domains. A platform where creators, craftsmen, enthusiasts, experts can demonstrate, display and showcase their arts, crafts, culture, entertainment skills and communicate with a global audience in multiple languages ​​with the help of any visual media (images, audio, video, chat). , voice notes). Here hobbyists/craftsmen can use this platform to learn the arts, crafts and skills of globally recognized industry experts. We, with the motto "Learn Create Connect Grow" aim to help users, sellers, craftsmen to learn new creativity, connect globally so they can market their skills and earn from it.

Why Folktel ?

Platform where people can share, exchange, learn Indian and global culture, heritage in multiple regional and global languages. Folktel is a platform that acts as a bridge between a large number of enthusiasts seeking opportunities to learn new skills, arts and crafts, as well as skilled craftsmen and individuals seeking a platform to showcase their talents/arts and crafts. how to market your skills worldwide without a hitch. •


The main purpose of the app is to support the Arts & crafts through the marketplace for selling as well as the learning platform for beginners who have passion/hobbies or want to choose arts & crafts as a career. At the beginning of the App, Folktel will ask Users whether they want to register themselves as an Artisans sellers so that they can list their arts & Crafts or products related to arts & crafts in the Folktel marketplace. • For users to be registered as the seller needs to provide KYC documents as well as GST no. which will be verified by the respected department as then sellers will be given a verification tick which tells those particular sellers are verified and allow to sell as well as to list their respected arts & crafts related products on the Folktel marketplace

Empower the Arts & Crafts community

Folktel is a platform to help artists connect with each other, learn, create and showcase their work. Our goal is to provide training and support for the arts community so they can flourish in today's digital world.

Share your story with us.

Our dedicated platform for artists allows users to share their stories, learn about our world's cultural heritage, collaborate on artworks that preserve our collective memories, or just find inspiration from other creatives.

Our Focus

Our Vision

Folktel's vision is to sustain the livelihoods of artisans and small enterprises in developing countries by providing them access to sustainable markets.

  • It's hard to find the right people to help you grow your work and get it off the ground.
  • We want to motivate enthusiastic and energetic people who are ready to learn and implement things, and who can go to any level to make their dreams come true and come alive.
  • We follow bone-simple rules.Learn-Create-Connect-Grow.

Folktel was designed with both artists and users in mind. Artists will love the opportunity to learn more about their work, get tips for improving their skills or even get feedback from other artists on how they can improve their work. Users will have a transparent view of the production process from start to finish-from finding an artist all the way to getting their finished goods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide training and support for the artists and artisan community to Learn,create, connect, and showcase their work and creativity, along with promoting arts, crafts, and cultures across the world

  • we just want to spread some light that we should respect each and every culture and heritage.
  • It's hard to find the right people to help you develop your work and get it out there.
  • Art-lovers and aesthetes are often without artists or creators to appreciate their work. Folktel provides a platform for both groups to find like minded individuals.

The Platfrom is dedicated to connecting artists and creators with appreciators of the arts everywhere! Our company is an online social commerce where artists, creators, and aesthetes can monetize their work and connect with a global audience. For the first time in history, artists can now make a living from their work.


Monetization opportunities and incentivizes users and artists to lend their skills, talents, and creativity

  • Secure and transparent system compared to the traditional platform.
  • Artists & creators can create their brands. arts, crafts, and culture across the world.
  • Royalties and awards for artists, craftsmen and end users. Users and artists can earn FX coins (cryptocurrency) on every transaction.

ppropriate training and support will be provided to craftsmen and artists. Learning and earning opportunities for users and artists. .

Dr.Sourabh Kumar

Ceo & Founder

Folktel is a blockchain technology-based social commerce platform that can be used for promoting arts, crafts, cultures, traditions, and other creative skills

Garvit Dudeja

COD & Co-Founder

Folktel is a platform where artists can learn, create, and showcase their work. We also provide training for local communities to help sustain the livelihoods of artisans and small enterprises.

Vidhan Shah

Co-Founder & Product Develupment Executive

Folktel is a social commerce platform for artists and craftsmen to sell their original designs and creations to the world.

Adarsh Kant

Cyber Security Executive

Folktel offers a unique platform to all passionate artists who want to share their talents& creativity with the world.

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